We are a small team of phds and computer scientists embarking on a mission to try and make some progress in AI research.

Long term mission

Conduct AGI capability and safety research in order to automate and improve most of intellectual labor.

Short term mission

Develop algorithmic trading algorithms to provide funding for the long term mission.

We are well aware that AGI research is very ambitious, so we need to build a team, culture and environment that is financially sustainable in order to provide for a long-term dedicated research effort.

Research themes

Research directions are not clearly defined yet, but they will include areas such as Deep Learning, Probabilistic Programming and Genetic Algorithms.


Tufa will be self-funded in the first few months, and then funded with algorithmic trading.


Our legal and accounting situation is very complex. We are looking for someone who can take over all fiscal/legal/corporate matters, help us design the correct incentives for everyone (equity/bonuses) and restructure the business. We want someone willing to relocate and work on-site with us.

What we look for: high implication, integrity, perseverance, ambition, appetite for high-risk/high-reward situations. Bonus points if you speak many languages (especially french, also german), and have experience with tax optimisation and complex corporate structures.

Compensation: $200-500k, equity, stake in trading strategies.

If interested, email me at not_a_cat at fastmail.com


not_a_cat at fastmail dot com